PICS Reference Code

The W3C is committed to providing reference code, free of charge, for important components of the PICS architecture. We are actively soliciting donations of code or labor to produce code.

new2.gif (111 bytes) PICS Related Parser

The PICS Standard Library in Java parses PICS labels, service descriptions, and profiles (PICSRules). It can also evaluate profile/label combinations.

new2.gif (111 bytes) DSig Implementation

new2.gif (111 bytes) PICS Web Browser

A modified version of the Web Browser Amaya is available that supports PICS filtering based on PICSRules profiles.

new2.gif (111 bytes) PICS Label Bureau

Describes the features of the Jigsaw Label Bureau, with links to a detailed overview and new proposals regarding label bureaus.

Walks you through the installation of the Jigsaw Label Bureau.

new2.gif (111 bytes) PICS Robot Label Grabber

Walks the web, extracting labels embedded in HTML pages, and submits them to a label bureau using an HTTP PUT as described in the "Label Bureau Overview" above.

PICS Label Generators

User Profile Editors

Sample implementations intended to demonstrate approaches for configuring content selection software, such as parent would use when installing a Web browser. The last one is intended for Internet publishers to generate PICS label with point and click user-interface.


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