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Service Extension to Identify Label Bureau

As defined in the PICS rating service spec, the URL that identifies a rating service is also the default URL for a label bureau that responds to queries for labels from that service. A service may, however, wish to override that default, by naming one or more label bureaus that serve its labels. While that capability was not predefined in the PICS specs, the following extension may be used:

(extension (optional "www.w3.org/PICS/service-extensions/label-bureau"

A client which sees something of this form in a service description should interpret it as meaning that URL-for-label-bureau is the URL of a label bureau to contact to request labels for this service. Because the term optional has been supplied, a client which sees a line of this form but which is unfamiliar with the extension is free to ignore this line. Several lines of this form may be included in a single service description, indicating several label bureaus that have this service's labels.

The following products have announced the ability to interpret this "label-bureau" extension:

The following products are known not to interpret this "label-bureau" extension:

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Created 21 November 1995 by Jim Miller
Last updated 23 Mar 1996