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The MathML 3 DTD

The MathML3 DTD is a non normative grammar derived from the RelaxNG Schema presented in Appendix A of the MathML 3 specification.


A DTD for MathML

This DTD is the top level file. A copy of which should be referenced in any DOCTYPE declaration. It includes several other files, related to namespace support and entity definitions.


A zip file including the DTD and associated entity files.


Combined XHTML + MathML DTD. Not Yet Available

Older Releases of the MathML DTD

The MathML 2 DTD

DTD updates

The version of the DTD available from this page will be updated gradually to incorporate any corrections or changes since the MathML2 Recommendation.

Details of the character mappings and entity sets used may be found on the MathML Character description pages. As described in the MathML2 Errata document the files distributed from these directories should be considered updates to tables in Chapter 6 and to Appendix A of the First Edition of the MathML 2 Recommendation. These errata have been incorporated into the text of the Second Edition, which now refers to this page for the machine readable copy of the DTD.

As in Appendix A of the First edition of the MathML 2 Recommendation, the DTD is available as a stand alone DTD and also combined with XHTML to make a combined document type for XHTML + MathML Documents.


A "stand alone" DTD for MathML

It now also optionally includes extra constraints if the %MathMLstrict; parameter is set to INCLUDE.

Combined XHTML + MathML DTD.

This file incorporates the above DTD for MathML and also uses the published version of the DTD for XHTML 1.1 (The MathML2 Recommendation was pulished shortly before the XHTML1.1 Recommendation, and an "almost final" draft of the XHTML DTD was used for the combined DTD in Appendix A.

This version of the combined DTD uses the new XHTML+MathML+SVG file driver file written by Masayasu Ishikawa.

A gzipped tar file including these DTD and associated entity files.
Earlier versions (2002-05-05) released for the MathML2 Erratum E13

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The MathML 1.01 DTD

The MathML 1.01 Recommendation included a zip archive of an XML DTD. We now make the DTD available in unarchived form at this URL http://www.w3.org/Math/DTD/mathml1/mathml.dtd.

A typical use of this DTD would be:

<!DOCTYPE math SYSTEM "http://www.w3.org/Math/DTD/mathml1/mathml.dtd">

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