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International Tag Set (ITS) Integration

Feedback from Yves Savourel at 2009-04-23 Virtual Face2Face

Background Materials

ITS Integration Questions Posed & Answered

  • questions for Yves Savourel (from discussion at 2009-04-23 virtual Face2Face)
    • Question: does ITS allow XHTML to use its native span element and Ruby module?
      • Yves: yes
    • Question: is external ITS support alone sufficient?
      • Yves: yes, but there is a future case for inline usage
    • Question: can we use link with "rel" in head to reference an international tag set document?
      • Yves: yes;
      • Note: in order to keep harmony with HTML5's ITS integration strategy, the rel value proposed has been changed from <rel="itsrules"> to <rel="i18nrules">, which results in <link rel="i18nrules" ... />

Resolutions Concerning ITS

Note: the WG never formally resolved to accept Yves' advice. A proposed resolution covering the points of agreement and clarification concerning ITS integration has yet to be vetted (or voted upon) by the working group.

ITS Integration Email Threads

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