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Proposed Elements & Element Reform for XHTML2

Note: This document does not reflect the opinions of anyone other than its author. It has not been vetted or approved by anyone, although its aim is to foster expeditious explorations of the issues enumerated below. What are currently bullet points will be transformed into actual links once the relevant wiki document has been ported/created.

Note 2: The 'for attribute, referred to extensively in the documents indexed on this page, is defined in HTML 4.01 to bind LABEL (or multiple LABELs) to a form control using an IDREF; the author of these pages proposes that the for/id mechanism, which is already broadly supported in user agents and assistive technologies, be reused and extended in XHTML2 to provide explicit bindings between labelling text and the object it labels, as well as a means of re-using values for ABBR, DFN, Q and CITE; the first instance {at least} of "for" in the wiki pages listed below should be hyperlinked directly to the HTML 4.01 definition of "for".

New Elements

Elements in Need of Reform