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Agenda: XHTML2 WG Virtual Face2Face, April 2009

Day 1 Agenda: 2009-04-23

XHTML 2 issues

Goals & Rules of Engagement

  • Work through outstanding XHTML 2 issues.
  • Maximum time per issue: 30mins

ITS Integration

  • questions for Yves (from discussion at 2009-04-23 virtual Face2Face
    • does ITS allow XHTML to use its native SPAN element and Ruby module?
      • Yves: yes
    • is external ITS support alone sufficient?
      • Yves: yes
    • can we use LINK with "rel" in HEAD?
      • Yves: yes; suggest rel="itsrules"

XHTML Access


D - a single letter element to mark "dialogue"

Re-introducing @for

Issue 7659 and Issue 7656