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W3C XHTML2 WG June 2008 F2F Agenda

Tuesday: 2008-06-17

The World Clock Meeting time

Part 1 "virtual morning" (time)

Outstanding Review (90minutes)

XML Base (Second Edition) [ http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/PER-xmlbase-20080320/ ]

ACTION: Steven to review XML Base by 30 June [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/04/02-xhtml-minutes.html#action01]

XForms WG reviewed http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xhtml2/2008Jun/0036.html

XHR (formal?) response to our comment

Break (15minutes)

CURIEs (90minutes)

CURIE Syntax 1.0 Last Call completed 2008-06-10, draft handle comments

Part 2 "virtual afternoon" (time)

ARIA, Role and Access (90minutes)

Role Attribute Module, Last Call completed 2008-05-10, handle comments

XHTML Access Module, Last Call completed 2008-06-16, handle comments

WAI ARIA host language embedding: wai-pf proposition , role values

Break (15minutes)

XFrames (90minutes)

tests using <iframe> and <object>, first block

Alessio to take group though the writeup and examples

Wednesday: 2008-06-18

The World Clock Meeting time

Part 1 "virtual morning" (time)

XHTML MIME type (90minutes)

XHTML Media Types - Second Edition, review latest draft and consider ARIA implications, if any.

Break (15minutes)

XHTML 1.n (90minutes)

How do we move forward XHTML 1.1 SE and/or create an XHTML 1.2?

Part 2 "virtual afternoon" (time)

XML Events 2 (90minutes)

XML Events 2, Review and prepare for Last Call

Break (15minutes)

"features" (90minutes)

The XML Events 2 Handlers section includes the ability to specify that a script implements a particular feature. What is a feature?

Thursday: 2008-06-19

The World Clock Meeting time

Part 1 "virtual morning" (time)

catchup (90minutes)

Time to deal with any issues raised in previous 2 days.

What, if anything do we need to do with RDFa?

Break (15minutes)

XHTML 2 (90minutes)

How do we move forward XHTML 2?

Part 2 "virtual afternoon" (time)

Actions (90minutes)

Clear the backlog of Actions.

Break (15minutes)

Planning (90minutes)

update Roadmap