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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-27 (edit) open text for @src to clerify item not in DOM and address styling implications Steven Pemberton 2008-11-29 XHTML2
ACTION-68 (edit) open Work out how to merge q values in the specification of content negotiation with hreftype etc. Steven Pemberton 2009-04-02
ACTION-71 (edit) open Confer with XForms group about adding a form value to the default role vocabulary. Steven Pemberton 2009-04-15
ACTION-80 (edit) open Advance role module to CR Steven Pemberton 2009-05-06
ACTION-83 (edit) open And Shane work through the issues on the PERs and send the group suggestions Steven Pemberton 2009-05-27
ACTION-84 (edit) open Update the vocab document for new rel value i18nrules Steven Pemberton 2009-05-27
ACTION-85 (edit) open Ask Alessio to tell us if HTML DOM still requires @name on form and image Steven Pemberton 2009-06-17
ACTION-96 (edit) open Produce DoC of the issues we covered Steven Pemberton 2009-08-26
ACTION-97 (edit) open Reply to @ismap message Steven Pemberton 2009-09-23
ACTION-99 (edit) open - take modularization to PER Steven Pemberton 2009-10-14
ACTION-100 (edit) open Respnd to AvK reply about XHR Steven Pemberton 2009-10-21
ACTION-104 (edit) open - set up test document that can be used for XHTML Basic and XHTML 1.1 (same test file, different DOCTYPES) Steven Pemberton 2009-11-25
ACTION-107 (edit) open Ping r12a about namespace use Steven Pemberton 2010-01-13
ACTION-110 (edit) open - talk to PlH and Judy Brewer about WAI taking over specifications from XHTML2 Steven Pemberton 2010-02-10

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