Extending the Set of Logical Roles
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5.7 - Extending the Set of Logical Roles

When translating from other SGML-based formats, documents may include non-standard elements e.g. PROPNAME for proper names. HTML+ browsers will normally ignore such markup and process their contents as if these tags weren't present. The RENDER element can be used to tell the browser how to render such tags, e.g.

The STYLE attribute is a comma separated list of presentation tag names, i.e. one or more names from the list: I, B, U, S, SUP, SUB, TT. Include P in the list of styles if the element needs a paragraph break. Keeping non-standard markup in HTML+ documents may be useful for indexing purposes. Note that the RENDER element isn't meant to apply retrospectively.

HTML+ Discussion Document - November 8, 1993

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