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5.8 - Annotations

Authors can include annotations which act to draw the readers attention or which provide some additional comment on the main text of the paragraph. There are two types:

for additional information on some point
attention getter for this paragraph
When printed out, these annotations appear as footnotes or margin notes as their name implies, e.g. <footnote>This is an example of a footnote</footnote>*1. For on-line use, browsers may show the annotation by a hypertext button, e.g. a superscripted dingbat symbol or icon, which when clicked reveals the annotation in a pop-up window. Footnotes and margins can contain text with emphasis and images, but not other markup such as paragraphs, lists or tables. The PANEL element in the previous draft has been dropped. You can however, indicate that a hypertext link should be rendered as a sidebar when printed out.

HTML+ Discussion Document - November 8, 1993

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