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XQuery and/in XForms

This is a placeholder for proposed XForms 2.0 issues, with no consensus yet.

XQuery and XForms seem to work well together with XQuery on the server and XForms in the client, but what about them both in the client?

- Can we just use XQuery as superset of XPath? - Can we use XQuery as an action/transformation? - Can we extend XQuery Update Facility with every XForms action?


XQIB JavaScript XQuery library

- http://xmltoday.org/2011/01/xquery-in-the-browser-via-javascript/ - http://www.xqib.org/?p=15

Comparison of XQIB and XForms for sample forms

- http://xformstest.org/klotz/2011/01/xqib-comparison/wx/

XQuery Update Facility 1.0 - Proposed Recommendation

- http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/PR-xquery-update-10-20110125/