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W3C Forms WG Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Agenda for October 1, 2009 (rescheduled from Sept. 3, 2009)

Hour 1: Custom XPath Functions

Turn of the crank on defining custom functions

A method for specifying action calculates using XForms actions over local instances within the function and an instance or variables for the parameters.

Whether and how to restrict access to the global instances of the model.

Generic means of host language contribution of custom functions, e.g. from javascript, java, etc.

Ability to define a function like sumover()

Hour 2: Custom Actions

Content model adjustment of XForms action handlers.

Is this an action element with foreign attributes?

Or do we open the content model of action to foreign elements?

Do we need to figure out how are implementation-specific actions added?

How do we detect whether an action implementation is available?

What do we do if one isn't available?

Hour 3: Custom Model Item Properties

Ability of authors to define their own MIPs

Ability to have UI event notifications of MIP changes

XPath function that returns named MIP value, e.g. model-property('constraint') or model-property('my:mip')

Create dependency on function reference (like index())

Hour 4: Custom UI Controls

Isn't this just global attributes for the single node bindings?

What about single node binding to a subtree? Can't we indicate a binding type, let the control update a subtree, and define in terms of an insert + delete + deferred update?

Hour 5: Review of Draft Specifications

Review action item results produced by working group members.