VFtF 2009 06 18

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W3C Forms WG Virtual Face to Face Meeting

Agenda for June 18, 2009

Hour 1: Data-drive Switch, The case() function

Several alternatives have been discussed for data-driven switch.

  1. A child element with single-node binding.
  2. An XPath-bearing attribute on the switch element itself.
  3. Names for the element or attribute, such as "using" or "selected"

The case() function has apparently been implemented. Seems we need to discuss rules of ID resolution, same update rules as index()

Hour 2: Dialog

We need to get far enough along the design discussion of dialog box capabilities that someone could reasonably take the action item to go off and write a first draft "strawman" spec.

Issues which have hindered us in the past are mainly around how to avoid event flow from nesting dialog content inside a message action. If we had a separate dialog element, for example, it would be clear not to render the content when the page comes up, and it would be easy to reference the dialog element from an action.

Hour 3: Focus on Application Requirements Related to the External Model and Submodel Problems

We've numerous emails in the thread of discussion that have included lots of technial solutions. These proposed solutions have helped us to understand one another's problem spaces. We need a round up of the requirements we want to address so that we can analyze various technical solutions to see how we might meet all of the requirements. We may also decide that some requirements are out of scope for the next release, but it is better to first articulate them and understand why they might be valuable, rather than choosing a technical solution and then putting out of scope any requirement that can't be met by the solution.

Hour 4: Focus on Solutions for the Application Requirements Related to the External Model and Submodel Problems

The completion of the above discussion is to choose a technical direction down to the point where someone can reasonably take the action item to write a first draft specification that includes full markup examples for all the requirements we intend to meet.

Hour 5: Review of Specification Drafts

Review action item results from working group members:

The option of using XPath 2.0

Node creation functions