March-May 2008 Newsletter

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still in progress

Streamlined Syntax

We worked on a two-pronged approach to a simplified on-ramp for HTML authors:

  • Simplified Syntax, more like HTML4
  • Core additions to XForms to support semantic constructs from the simplified syntax

The goal is to mechanically translate the simplified syntax to canonical XForms, and thus show architectural consistency. We found quite a few clarifications and useful extensions to core XForms in the process of these discussions, and expect them to find their way into XForms 1.2. The Streamlined Syntax will remain an authoring convenience, with access to a restricted but consistent subset of canonical XForms.

XForms 1.1

We entered CR phase, and completed a test suite of over 400 tests. We are now exiting CR phase, and gathering implementation reports.


We agreed to begin modularization for XForms 2.0 and have tentatively identified the "message" module to support.

Coordinating with Other Groups

Basic XML Schema Patterns for Databinding version 1.0 Last Call Apr 30

We reviewed this and met with group members and determined there was no relationship to XForms. We recommended they include specific references to programming language data binding in their preamble.

Rich Web Applications Backplane

The Rich Web Applications Backplane XG started and a number of Forms Working Group and Forms Task Force members joined.


We reviewed the ITS internationalization recommendation and provided a sample XForms document for internationalization. We hope to coordinate to produce a note or simple publication with the group.

New XForms Implementations

Ubiquity announced an open-source AJAX XForms implementation.


Steven Pemberton gave a half-day tutorial on XForms at XTech.