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The load element uses the @show attribute from XLink and allows show='new' and show='replace'.

The load element could be enhanced to allow show='embed'.

Discussion at Lyon (Nov. 2010) face to face included discussion of having load action and unload action. Main discussion ended with conclusion that there was no reason to restrict "unload" to only unloading content that was loaded by the same model that is running the unload action. However, in last day discussion, we discovered processing challenges related to something unloading the default model, e.g. do all the default-model form controls have to change their bindings to stick to a new model?


  • The results replace the element at @targetid
  • What about initialization/destruction events
  • What about repeat
  • Need some way to style embedded areas that are loade. CSS property  :subform-loaded which appears once the form is loaded, and then maps into CSS2.1 CSS class xforms-subform-loaded?

See XForms 2.0#The_load_Element and XForms 2.0#The_unload_Element

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