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current status

inputmode as currently defined in XForms 1.1 is underutilized.

non-script tokens

Here are the current and non-deprecated tokens that aren't scripts:

lowerCase	lowercase (for bicameral scripts)
upperCase	uppercase (for bicameral scripts)
titleCase	title case (for bicameral scripts): words start with an upper case letter
startUpper	start input with one uppercase letter, then continue with lowercase letters 
digits	        digits of a particular script (e.g. inputmode='thai digits')
symbols        symbols, punctuation (suitable for a particular script)
predictOn	text prediction switched on (e.g. for running text)
predictOff	text prediction switched off (e.g. for passwords)

possible reasons for lack of widespread adoption

  • long list of scripts discourages implementors from looking at the more basic functionality.
  • digits isn't as useful as using datatyping and bind. discussed at [1]
  • xsd pattern is more valuable

potential advantages of new tokens

  • hard to analyze xsd:pattern for validation as you type, or for allowable characters
  • some kind of value alteration or search-replacement (e.g., instead of "type your phone number without spaces")