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W3C Forms WG March 24-26, 2010 Face to Face Agenda

Held in conjunction with [W3C AC Meeting], March 21-23, 2010


  • Leigh Klotz, Xerox
  • Steven Pemberton, CWI/W3C


IBM/Lotus location
1 Rogers St
Cambridge, MA

Nearby Hotels


Kendall Hotel

John Jeffries House

Area info


Schedule: 9am to 5pm

Topic: XForms 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0; XForms for HTML




  • Rechartering
    • who to invite
    • liaison with XCG
  • Work on next version of Test suite
  • UI Events
  • XML Events2 -- need someone to take the editor's draft further
  • JSON
    • options for custom submission+responses = serialization extensibility (JSON *Fish, YAML, and beyond)
    • pruning / validity
    • JSON in XSLTForms
  • XPath 2.0
    • advance draft
    • xforms function signatures: use strings for backward compatibility with 1.0 or use 2.0 types
  • Custom XPath functions -- last response from XPath WG was that context item not provided to function but use variable as workaround
  • Node creation functions Node 'create' functions
  • Patterns -- master/detail, save, etc.
  • Components -- how to package patterns
  • XBL
    • a solid base, but need other parts to implement custom components
    • show how to use declaratively without JS, and how to use JS to integrate
  • Variables -- naming, scope, variable lifetime, AVT
  • External models (text from Charlie) with questions
  • XForms for HTML
    • agreement on goal
    • then a quick outline
  • Live documents
  • Map/reduce support -- constraints on structure of instances as well as values
  • Tree/recursive controls
  • form-author notification events considered good
    • custom-control events are a separate item to be considered in the future
  • Putting the control in charge
  • simple lifecycle for form controls
    • use case development
    • non-relevant controls still visible and kept up to date, but disabled
    • separate pruning for submission: relevant but displayed? relevant but hidden?
  • Model-based_switching_with_switch switch/@ref, Model-based_repeat_index repeat/@index-ref
  • XForms 1.1 Errata
  • Extensible Actions
    • XSLT

See Future Goals and Category:XForms12 for details