Enhancements to Trigger and Submit availability during Submission

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Our intention in XForms 1.0 was to make the submit unavailable. Then we failed to take into account asynchronous submissions, where you might want two outstanding submits. We should consider adding multiple activations for asynchronous submissions. As long as you put in a request ID and your system gives it back you can track things.

We should make it possible for trigger (or action?) to be inactive if some condition (submission not done? action running?) is in play. Some implementations just gray out xf:submit. But that hard to do with xf:trigger because trigger often contains action, setvalue, setvalue, send. You'd like to wait for all actions.

Orbeon has an extension attribute on trigger/@modal=true. The whole screen becomes unavailable until actions are done. Not clear whether it includes submission results.

Erik's comment: Orbeon extension makes the UI unavailable until all actions and submissions triggered as a result of activating the trigger complete. Note that we only have semi-asynchronous submissions for now so we didn't have to make a decision regarding how to handle async submissions in this case.
Another suggestion was to have an additional option to just make that trigger unavailable instead of the whole screen.

It might be nice to not being able to DOMActivate the trigger as long as something is happening.