Specs, Drafts, and Reports

Drawn from W3C Technical Reports and the IETF HTML WG charter.

W3C HTML 3.2 Recommendation 14-jan-97
HTML 3.2 is the W3C's latest Recommendation for HMTL. Developed throughout 1996 by W3C together with industry leaders IBM, Microsoft, Netscape Communications, Novell, SoftQuad, Spyglass and Sun Microsystems, HTML 3.2 adds widely deployed features such as tables, applets and text flow around images, superscripts and subscripts while providing backwards compatibility with the existing standard HTML 2.0.
Inserting multimedia objects into HTML3 22 Apr 96 Working Draft
Dave Raggett, Charlie Kindel, Lou Montulli, Eric Sink, Wayne Gramlich, Jonathan Hirschman, Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly
HTML Dialects: Internet Media and SGML Document Types W3C Working Draft 06-Mar-96
The HTML 2.0 specification, RFC1866, defines an SGML application and an Internet media type. The specification notes that extensions are planned, but only the text/html; level=2internet media type and the "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN" document type are defined. This document suggests the use of URIs as system identifiers for document type definitions, allowing decentralized evolution of the language. The use of marked sections as a transition technique and the continued use of the level mechanism for standardized points in the evolution path are discussed.
Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language F. Yergeau, G. Nicol, G. Adams, M. Duerst, 13 February 1996. Internet Draft
... This document is meant to address the issue of the internationalization of HTML by extending the specification of HTML and giving additional recommendations for proper internationalisation support. ...

See also: background materials by F. Yergeau

The HTML3 Table Model W3C Working Draft, Internet Draft 23-Jan-96
This specification extends HTML to support a wide variety of tables. ...
HTML and Style Sheets 23 Jan 96 INTERNET DRAFT
Bos, Raggett & Lie,
Hypertext links in HTML 15 Jan 1996 Internet Draft
Murray Maloney Liam Quin
A Proposed Extension to HTML : Client-Side Image Maps Internet Draft 01 Dec 1995
James L. Seidman, Spyglass
... This document specifies an extension to the HTML language, referred to as "Client-Side Image Maps," ... .
Compound Documents in HTML INTERNET DRAFT 22 Nov 1995
Paul Burchard, Dave Raggett
Form-based File Upload in HTML, E. Nebel and L. Masinter, November 1995.
RFC 1867. Experimental
... this draft proposes an extension to HTML to allow information providers to express file upload requests uniformly, and a MIME compatible representation for file upload responses.
HTML 2.0 Proposed Standard
The September 22 draft of the HTML 2.0 specification has been approved as a Proposed Standard by the IETF.
Toward Graceful Deployment of Tables in HTML March 1995, Unpublished
A strategy for gracefully introducing tables into the web using HTTP format negotiation. (revised Oct 1995)
HTML 3.0 March 1995 Expired
Based upon earlier work on HTML+, proposed extensions to HTML 2.0 to support tables, text flow around figures and math.
Toward Closure on HTML April 1994 Unpublished
Launching the HTML 2.0 standardization effort. (see also the www-talk mailing list archive for responses)
Toward a Formalism for Communication On the Web Feb 1994 Unpublished
an essay on www-talk about HTML, SGML, markup languages, and the halting problem
HTML+ November 8, 1993 Unpublished
the HTML+ discussion document. It includes features such as tables, figures, mathematical equations, document specific toolbars and banner areas, together with support for stylesheets.

Works in Progress

A Critique of Data Formats and MarkUp Languages
good ideas I've seen, and what to do with them
HTML Dialects: Features, Extensions, and DTDs
Notes on the evolution of HTML, from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 to Netscape and Microsoft extensions. Focus on DTDs and validation.
HTML Parser Implementations
A historical look at HTML Parser implementations, with notes on bugs and such.
HTML Specification Publication History
Historical notes on the development of HTML (and HTML+, html 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 ...)

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