9. XHTML Hypertext Module


This section is informative. For the normative version, see [XHTML2].

The Hypertext Module provides an element that traditionally has been used in HTML to define hypertext links to other resources. Although all elements may now play the role of a hyperlink (using the @href attribute) or hyperlink anchor (using the @id attribute), this element remains for explicit markup of links, though is otherwise identical in semantics to the span element.

This module supports the following element:

ElementAttributesMinimal Content Model
a Common(PCDATA | Text)*

This module adds the a element to the Text content set of the Text Module and the access element to the head element of the Document module.

Implementations: RELAX NG, XML Schema

9.1. The a element

An a element defines an anchor. Since hypertext attributes such as @href may be applied to any element, this element is not strictly necessary, being equivalent to a span, but has been retained to allow the expression of explicit links.


The Common collection
A collection of other attribute collections, including: Bi-directional, Core, Edit, Embedding, Events, Hypertext, I18N, Map, and Metainformation


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