15. XHTML Caption Module


This section is informative. For the normative version, see [XHTML2].

The Caption Module defines an element to be used when annotating a description for certain elements. The element and attributes defined by this module are:

ElementsAttributesMinimal Content Model
caption Common (PCDATA | Text)*

Implementations: RELAX NG, XML Schema

15.1. The caption element


The Common collection
A collection of other attribute collections, including: Bi-directional, Core, Edit, Embedding, Events, Hypertext, I18N, Map, and Metainformation

When present, the caption element's text should describe the nature of the table, list or object. The caption element is only permitted immediately after the table start tag, the list start tag or the object start tag. A table, list or object element may only contain one caption element.

For tables, visual user agents allow sighted people to quickly grasp the structure of the table from the headings as well as the caption. A consequence of this is that captions will often be inadequate as a summary of the purpose and structure of the table from the perspective of people relying on non-visual user agents.

Should caption work everywhere?

Should the caption element be included in the Text Content Set, and therefore make it possible to annotate a "caption" on basically any element?