W3C LMB Internals

Line Mode Browser Internals

The Line Mode Browser is built directly on top of the the W3C Sample Code Library and is mainly a test tool for the Library.

As the W3C Sample Code Library is a generic, platform independent library, the Line Mode Browser must contain the presentation specific code. The few extra modules this includes are:

This module is the main module in the browser and it is the doing the shell command analysis, prompts and command line handling etc.
The GridText module is the graphic object. This assumes fixed-width characters (hence "grid"). This module has the basic functions of a hypertext object plus some extra interface to the HTBrowse module.
The GridStyle module is the Line Mode Browser management of static stylesheets.
This module is the default set of formats for displaying text in each style.

Tim BL, and Henrik Frystyk, libwww@w3.org,

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