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The AccessLimitFilter allows you to control and limit the number of simultaneous requests run by the same resource. The limit attribute indicates the maximum number of simultaneous requests that the target resource is willing to accept. The timeout attribute can be used to specify how long a request should wait before being elected to be run by the resource. When this timeout expires, the filter sends back a reply to the browser with an appropriate error message.


The AccessLimitFilter class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The DebugFilter defines the following attribute:

Maximum number of simultaneous requests to the target resource.
This attribute is a editable IntegerAttribute.
default value
This attribute defaults to 1.


How long should requests be blocked before an error message is sent back to the requesting client. The given duration should be expressed as a number of milliseconds.
This attribute is a editale IntegerAttribute.
default value
This attribute defaults to 60000 (one minute).

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