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Configuration of Attributes

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Resources, frames and filters have a set of attributes describing them. Some of them are automatically computed, like the size of a file, some can be set by the user. The size of a file will be calculated automatically while the content-type can be set manually (for example, you can set a specific .foo file to be text/html, but you cannot say that a 1234 bytes file has a size of 2345 bytes). For each editable attribute, JigAdmin will use a specific indexer. More than that, the editor used will depend on the resource edited.

jigadmin screenshot, attributes

In the previous screenshot you can see:

Once all the changes has been done in the interface, you must tell the server that you change things. To do so, press the "Commit" button located bottor left of the attributes helper. If you made some modification, and you want the original values back (ie: the last values before a commit), press the "reset" button located bottom right of the helper.

The changes are not done incrementally, to allow you the "reset", and to avoid doing unnecessary requests to the admin server, and save bandwith (usually you will do that locally, but that is not a valid reason to waste bytes on the wire :) ).