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Page Compilation in Jigsaw.

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What is Page Compilation?

Page Compilation allows you to generate HTML pages from HTML/Java pages. Jigsaw has a special frame (PageCompileFrame) that translate the HTML/Java file in a Jigsaw frame source file, compile it and runs the new compiled frame. The PageCompileFrame can be used like any other frame. Read the Resource Configuration page for more details on Jigsaw frames and resources.


The following HTML/Java page
     <title>Page Compilation Test</title>
     <h1>Page Compilation Test</h1>
       out.println ("<p>Page Compilation test");
     <h1>Display a list</h1>
         for (int i = 1; i < 10; i++) {
           out.println ("<li> item " + i);
will be translated in this HTML page:

Page Compilation Test

Page Compilation test

Display a list