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  • Update needed: Usually a small change has been made to the translation to bring it in line with a change in the English version. The change is added in English (and may overwrite a sentence or paragraph). The translator should be contacted and asked to update the translation. A notice is added to the top of the page to say that the article is pending retranslation. A page can continue indefinitely like this.
  • On probation: A significant change has been made to an article, and the translator has been given one month to produce an updated version of their translation. After the month elapses, links to and content negotiation to the article will be removed.
  • Unlinked: Translations that have not been updated after a significant change has been made to the English version that requires a substantive update. See 'on probation' above.
  • Out for translation: The translator has been sent the source text to translate, and we are awaiting receipt of the translation.
  • Received: The translation has been received and is being processed or awaiting announcement.

After a translation has been received, uploaded and announced, no mention of it appears below.

Pipeline: Requested > Sent > Received > Uploaded > Announced (removed)

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