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Internationalization Comments on SMIL 3.0

Version reviewed: http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/WD-SMIL3-20070713/
Lead reviewer and date of initial review: Addison Phillips, Aug 2007
Subject lead: [SMIL3.0]

These are comments on behalf of the Internationalization Core WG, unless otherwise stated. The "Owner" column indicates who has been assigned the responsibility of tracking discussions on a given comment. SMIL 3.0 is an extensive spec. However, it is built upon SMIL 2.1. This review focuses on new items of interest to our WG.

We recommend that responses to the comments in this table use a separate email for each point. This makes it far easier to track threads. Click on the icons in the right-most column to see email discussions.

ID Location Subject Comment Owner Ed. /
1 8 Define xml:lang in smilText element

smilText does not define the xml:lang attribute. Thus there is no way to indicate the language of a piece of text. This is a significant limitation, since many rendering, text processing, and text selection applications depend on language identification. Please add the xml:lang attribute.

2 8 Define what text wrapping option means smilText defines the attribute 'textWrapOption'. No indication is given as to how text wrapping works. In particular, the breaking options don't match the more mature ones that appear in CSS3 (see: http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/WD-css3-text-20070306/#text-wrap) AP S
3 8 Define direction of start and end textAlign based on text direction The textAlign attribute defines a number of values (start, end, left, right, center) that assume left-to-right text progression. While 'left' and 'right' seem obvious, start and end should depend on text direction (which can be set by textDirection). AP S
4 8 default colors The default colors for both textColor and textBackgroundColor is "transparent". Is this intentional? AP S
5 8 allow for specific font names to be defined by textFontFamily textFontFamily doesn't define specific font names, only virtual fonts, which seems limiting. AP S
6 8 textMode append does not automatically append spaces textMode append: some languages do not uses spaces between words, while others do. We assume that append does not imply a space automatically being appended. Please state this in the text. AP S
7 8 vertical text support There is no way to deal with vertical text with the various layout/styling options? AP S
8 4.3.2 systemLanguage systemLanguage definition "systemLanguage" is defined in terms of RFC 1766, which has been obsolete for quite awhile. This section should say that language tags are defined in BCP47 ("Best Common Practice 47"). There should be a normative reference to BCP47 following the pattern at http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/REC-its-20070403/#bcp47. AP S
9 4.3.2 systemLanguage Define matching algorithm using RFC 4647, case handling in matching The "systemLanguage" element's matching algorithm doesn't deal with case sensitivity properly. It should refer to RFC 4647 Basic Filtering. AP S
10 4.3.2 systemLanguage matching example for systemLanguage In the switch element, the example for systemLanguage doesn't mention matching, only exact tag matching. Probably good to remind folks here. Other following examples also only use simple language tags. We'd suggest using a Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans) vs. Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) example. AP E

Contact: Richard Ishida (ishida@w3.org).