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1 Participants


Name Attending dinner on 1st Nov Special food needs (vegetarian/vegan/etc.)
Felix Sasaki (W3C/DFKI) Yes
Fredrik Liden (ENLASO) Yes
Ankit Srivastava (DCU) Yes
David Filip (UL) Yes bacontarian
Dominic Jones (TCD) Yes vegetarian
Leroy Finn (TCD) Yes
Dave Lewis (TCD) Yes
Milan Karasek (MOR) Yes
Renat Bikmatov (Logrus) Yes
Sebastian Sklarß (]init[) Yes
Matthias Kandora (]init[) Yes vegetarian
Bert Bos (W3C), afternoon of day 1 Yes
Pedro L. Díez Orzas (Linguaserve) Yes
Mauricio del Olmo (Linguaserve) Yes
Pablo Nieto (Linguaserve) Yes
Jirka Kosek (UEP) Yes
Moritz Hellwig (Cocomore) Yes
Karl Fritsche (Cocomore) Yes
Clemens Weins (Cocomore) Yes
Mārcis Pinnis (Tilde) Yes

Remote participants:

  • Yves Savourel (ENLASO)
  • Tadej Štajner (JSI)

Dial in info for remote participants: see Dial in info for regular call

2 Logistics, Travel Information, Loding etc.

Note: the up to date information about the location, accommodation, transportation etc. is always available at http://www.w3.org/2012/10/TPAC/ . It is highly recommended that you visit that page a few days before you start the trip.

3 Dinner on evening of 1 November

  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Location: Brasserie Georges - Traditional Cuisine http://www.brasseriegeorges.com
    • Address: Place Page, 30 cours de Verdun, 69002 Lyon
    • Phone: +
    • Contact person: Manuelle
    • Metro stop: Perrache. See also map.
  • We ordered a menue including drinks to save time.

4 Objectives / preparation needed from the working group

  • HTML5 and W3C / TPAC joint meeting with HTML Working Group.
    • Goal: raise awareness of ITS 2.0 in HTML5, gather potential issues
  • Milestones until end of 2013 (draft to be provided by Felix)

5 Agenda

For topics, see objectives above.

Below is mostly a session list. Detailed timing will be done on the morning of 1st Nov

5.1 Thursday 1st Nov: MLW-LT WG meeting agenda


session 0:

  • review open issues. Which one to takle f2f?
  • review implementation isssues. See also the notes from Yves.
    • Algorithm for the building of the list of domain needs to be finalized.
    • Need for a common representation of the ITS data categories in XLIFF, see XLIFF_Mapping
    • XML Schema subset of regex for allowed characters
    • Allowed Characters regular expression for not allowing HTML tags in content nodes where only plain text content is allowed. See also Felix action related to ECMA i18n API
    • Allowed Characters: Find a better way to disallow HTML tags. Currently using: [^<>]
    • Need to add all the document HMTL tags (wrap the content with html, head, body tags) so we can add a link to a global rules XML
    • Troubles with namespaces in HTML5.
    • Need to come to an agreement to map domain values to be consistent for both Lucy and DCU's MT Systems.
    • Problems to use global rules with the provenance and quality metadata since ATLAS PW1 cannot place files on the client server.
    • CDATA in XML for the content - How to handle Rules affecting content in CDATA from XML?
    • Language Information: Use-Case? When is xml:lang or lang not enough or can't be used?
    • Update of domain mapping algorithm - does it work for everybody?

session 1: implementation issues


session 2: implemenation issues continued


session 3: test suite and implementation plan

  • Update / Review of Data Categories located here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgIk0-aoSKOadG5HQmJDT2EybWVvVC1VbnF5alN2S3c
  • Assure 2 implementation commitments per data feature in the above google doc.
  • Establish which programming languages / frameworks are being used in Implementations.
  • Arrange date for Webinar on Test Suite Implementation during early November.
  • Review Test Suite Files including:
    • Sorting of Attributes Alphabetically (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt-tests/2012Oct/0027.html)
    • Output containing its:* and * use both or use just one standard way
    • Freezing use of test-suite website until files more stable and using only GitHub in the mean time.
    • Define a specification for it to share with all the implementors involved with the tests? Potential future usage of the Test Suite for anyone who wants to implement ITS 2.0 to test any file and obtain an output to compare with his own results?


session 4 - life demos

  • CMS to TMS System (presented by Cocomore/Linguaserve), about 20 minutes, since there a part for the CMS and another for TMS
  • Online MT System (presented by Linguaserve), about 10 minutes

day wrap-up, agenda planning for Friday

5.2 Friday 2nd Nov: MLW-LT WG meeting agenda

Time schedule

Time planing until end of November review:

6 Outcome