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Purpose & how to contribute

This page lists finalized and ongoing implementations of the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 2.0 specification. Feel free to update the wiki with new information about your work and also to announce it in the ITS Interest Group mailling list.


Tilde ITS Parser

jQuery ITS Parser by Cocomore AG

Okapi ITS Engine



  • ITS 2.0 editing functionality for HTML5 documents and the data categories Translate, Localization Note and Terminology has been added.
  • More info: http://www.bluegriffon.org/
  • Note: the functionality is not yet part of the official BlueGriffon build. See instead the nightly build.


oXygen, DocBook5 and ePub / XHTML5

  • See Its2-in-oXygen
  • Note: this is not part of the official oXygen distribution


W3C Validator


Annotations Services

IJS Enrycher

  • Provides Text Analysis annotations on HTML5 documents.
  • Cross-platform (Web service)
  • More info: http://enrycher.ijs.si/

Tilde TAWS

  • Provides Terminology annotations on text, HTML5 and XLIFF 1.2 documents.
  • Cross-platform (Web service)
  • More info: http://taws.tilde.com/

Okapi LanguageTool Step

text4all ITS Term Tagger

  • Provides terminology annotations on text or HTML. It uses fuzzy matching to identify terms that are not in the canonical form.
  • Cross-platform (Web service)
  • More info: http://www.text4all.net/itstagger.html



Okapi Enrycher Step

Okapi Term Extraction Step

Okapi Microsoft Batch Translation Step

ITSTool PO Extraction and Merging

  • Uses Translate and Elements Within Text categories to segment XML into messages in PO files.
  • Outputs localized XML documents based on source document, ITS information, and translation data in PO files.
  • Also supports Localization Note, Preserve Space, Locale Filter, ID Value, and External Resource.
  • Cross-platform (Python)
  • More info: http://itstool.org/

Okapi Ocelot

  • XLIFF+ITS Editor directed at the Linguistic Review and Post-editing processes. (Can also be used as a general purpose XLIFF Editor).
  • Reads and renders Localization Quality Issue, Provenance and MT Confidence metadata.
  • Adds Provenance metadata to edited segments.
  • Retains original translation as XLIFF alternative translations.
  • More info: http://open.vistatec.com/ocelot


  • JavaScript library that processes ITS Text Analysis markup.
  • qLabel looks up and displays labels for entities marked up with Text Analysis markup in a Website.
  • The look up queries various multilingual data sources like Wikidata.
  • More info: http://googleknowledge.github.io/qlabel/

CMS Integration

Drupal (Cocomore AG)

  • Support for ITS 2.0 in Drupal facilitates the localization/translation of Drupal-based content.
    • Add the ability to apply ITS 2.0 local metadata through Drupal's WYSIWYG editor.
    • Add the ability to apply global ITS 2.0 metadata at content mode level.
    • Implemented jQuery plugin to optimize the GUI of the Translation Management tool.
  • The Drupal modules facilitate the roundtripping process from WCMS with systems of Localization Service Provider (including automatic content re-integration).
  • The Drupal modules enable tracking of provenance information (e.g. to identify translation post-editors).
  • More info: http://www.drupal.org/project/its

GBC Server and PLINT (Linguaserve I.S. S.A.)

Apache JackRabbit / Sling (Adobe)

  • Provides foundation features for round-tripping of content from the CMS out into a translation workflow and back
  • Uses ITS 2.0 metadata to identify,manage and store multilingual content, within the JCR (Java Content Repository)
    • Provides each translatable segment with a unique identity that persists throughout the translation workflow
    • Applies ITS 2.0 rules across the entire CMS via centrally managed global rules.
    • Includes support for embedded global rules and local rules.
  • Import and Export ITS 2.0 Enabled XLIFF
    • XLIFF + ITS2.0: The Industry-Standard content interchange format coupled with the latest standard metadata format.
  • 100% Open Source.
    • Built on free and open technologies such as Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Sling and Okapi
    • (Download link available soon) [code should be resurrected on public repo soon, status March 2015]


Okapi XML Filter

Okapi HTML5-ITS Filter

Okapi XLIFF Filter

Real Time Multilingual Publishing

Linguaserve's ATLAS Real Time, Lucy LT, DCU MaTrEx

  • Enable an HTML5 content reviser (language editor, translation post-editor) to add ITS 2.0 metadata to the contents of web documents.
  • Use the ITS 2.0 metadata to control the behavior of different Machine Translation Systems (Lucy LT from Lucy Software and MaTrEx from DCU)and Multilingual Publication System (ATLAS Real Time from Linguaserve).
  • Covers post-editing of translations generated by MT.
  • The ITS 2.0 markup:
    • provides key information to drive the reliable extraction of translation-relevant content from HTML5;
    • helps to control workflow dimensions such as selection of domain-specific vocabulary to improve the Machine Translation results;
    • provides information for post-editing.
  • Data category usage
    • Translate - Parts that are not translation-relevant are marked (and protected).
      • Implementers: Linguaserve, DCU, LucySoftware
    • Localization Note - Provides additional information for language or translation editors to facilitate translation.
      • Implementers: Linguaserve
    • Language Information - Controls workflow dimensions such as setting the source language, and the target language (via the lang attribute of the output), it also protects the translation of contents where the lang attribute is different from the source language.
      • Implementers: Linguaserve, DCU, LucySoftware
    • Domain - Domain values are mapped to the domains used by the individual MT systems, and used to select the appropriate vocabulary.
      • Implementers: Linguaserve, DCU, LucySoftware
    • Provenance - Allows tracking of human agents (language or translation editors) or software agents (MT systems) that processed the content.
      • Implementers: Linguaserve
    • Localization Quality Issue - Can be provided for the translated content by the reviser. Can be utilized for example by MT developers to improve the MT System.
      • Implementers: Linguaserve
    • Locale Filter - Reveals that content is only relevant for certain locales (useful in localization).
      • Implementers: DCU
    • MT Confidence - Assesses the confidence in the quality of the translation generated by the MT system.
      • Implementers: DCU
  • Cross-platform (PHP)


WICS - ITS 2.0 Metadata Previewer

  • Supports HTML files enriched with ITS 2.0 metadata
  • JavaScript-based preview of ITS 2.0 metadata (all categories) in supported Web browsers
  • Compatible with Microsoft IE 10.0 and Mozilla Firefox 24.0 browsers
  • Can be used to display context information for any content processing
  • More info: https://github.com/renatb/ITS2.0-WICS-viewer

File Format Converters

WICS - ITS 2.0 File Format Converters

  • Support XML, HTML, XLIFF input files enriched with ITS 2.0 metadata
  • Produce output HTML files with ITS 2.0 metadata preserved
  • Can be used to prepare the content and ITS metadata for previewing in Web browsers
  • More info: https://github.com/renatb/ITS2.0-WICS-converter


Okapi XLIFF Writer

DocBook + ITS support

  • DocBook schema extended with ITS elements/attributes allows to use all ITS features inside DocBook documents
  • DocBook XSL Stylesheets pass ITS metadata from source DocBook into resulting HTML pages
  • More info: http://xmlguru.cz/2013/05/docbook-and-its2

Experimental ITS 1.0 parser

See ITS Processing


  • Goal: make multilingual linked open data sources accessible for content architects & content creators
  • JavaScript library relying on jQuery
  • More info: https://github.com/fsasaki/mlod4con