Web Internationalization & Multilinguism Symposium
Hotel Alcora
Carretera de San Juan de Aznalfarache-Mairena, Km 1
Sevilla, Spain.
20-22 November 1996

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The objective of the Symposium is the advancement of the Internationalization & Multilinguism of the Web; it will cover both the current state and needed future developments. In particular, the symposium is intended to promote agreement on relevant technical standards. The intent is to gather interested parties from all sectors, including:

The Symposium is organized into five broad domains. Each domain has one or more rapporteurs, who will organize a section of the symposium in which the current status, options, and issues are presented and discussed. Each domain has a separate web page, which will be updated to point to position statements and background papers. Those with a strong interest who are new to the issues of Internationalization and Multilinguism of the web are encouraged to attend.

There will be one Main Track and a number of parallel Secondary Tracks. All subjects will be treated, to different extents, as part of the Main Track. The Secondary Tracks will be used for extending discussions on certain themes. There will be no fixed model for events on Secondary Tracks, which can take the form of workshops, brainstorming sessions, BOF meetings, vendors demonstrations/tutorials,...

Honorary Chairman

Manuel Chavez Gonzalez, President of the Government of Andalusia.

Main Track program

Wednesday 20 November
Thursday 21 November
Friday 22 November

Only the internationalization and multilinguism aspect of the above subject will be considered.

Comments on the program are encouraged; particularly missing aspects. Participants should submit a short statement. Comments and statement should be send to the internationalization mailing list. For Details on this list.


The registration is administered by Sadiel.

The fees are:

This is for the Symposium, printed material, lunches and coffees.

Traveling & accommodation

The Symposium will be in Sevilla, Spain.

Participants are to make their own travel and accommodations arrangements. Some information is in the Symposium travel and accommodation server.


The language of the Symposium is English. There will be simultaneous translation English/Spanish and Spanish/English for the Main Track.


The Symposium is co-organized by Sadiel and the World Wide Web Consortium. It has the support of the European Commission, as part of the European contribution to the G7 Project "A Global Marketplace for SMEs". The chairman of the Symposium is M.T. Carrasco Benitez.

After the symposium

See the final report and a few photos.

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