I18n WG comments on XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language

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Felix Sasaki fsasaki@w3.org


These are so far personal comments, NOT on behalf of the I18N WG.


ID Location Comment Additional information Accepted
1 General General. How can xml:lang be extracted from data and preserved with a query? How can this be done without littering all elements with unnecessary xml:lang attributes? The function fn:lang, defined in the specification on functions and operators, provides some solution for the extraction of xml:lang, but not for its generation in the output. Something like the namespace-alias technique proposed by xslt 2.0 might be useful for this purpose, see http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/WD-xslt20-20050404/#namespace-aliasing Based on Martin's review, comment [6]. See Bugzilla resolved, but no information about resolution is available. Would be good to know it.
2 General General. There should be more non-US examples. For example, it is very difficult for somebody not from the US to understand why there are no Deep Sea Fishermen in Nebraska. Based on Martin's review, comment [9]. See Bugzilla accepted
3 Sec., Content (and other places) Serializing atomic values by inserting spaces may not be appropriate for Chinese, Japanese, Thai,..., i.e. languages that don't use spaces between words. This has to be checked very carefully. Based on Martin's review, comment [8]. See Bugzilla rejected
4 Sec. 3.7.2 Not requiring CDATA constructs to be serialized as CDATA sections is a good idea, because it helps dispell the idea that CDATA sections are semantically significant. Based on Martin's review, comment [10]. See Bugzilla accepted
5 EBNF For collations, namespaces, schemas, and so on, the production 141 "URILiteral (app. A. 1) is used, which refers to a "StringLiteral". "URILiteral" should be changed to "IRILiteral", and the reference section should contain an entry to the IRI specification RFC3987. There should also be a clear indication how XML Base affects collations, namespaces etc. Based on Martin's review, comment [13]. See Bugzilla partially accepted. The non terminal "URILiteral" reflects some of the i18n-wg comment, but there is still a reference to IRI misssing.
6 General It is only implementation-defined, whether XQuery supports XML 1.0 or XML 1.1 (defintion of implementation-defined). There should be a feature in XQuery which allows to choose between these two versions of XML. See Bugzilla -
7 App. C.3 on Serialization Parameters This table must be updated with the respective table from the serialization specification (http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt-xquery-serialization/#serparam). See Bugzilla -
8App. I.6You refer to security conditions for URL (RFC 1738). Please refer to RFC 3986, section 7 instead. RFC 3986 updates 1738 and obsoletes 2732, 2396, 1808. It would be even better if you could refer to RFC 3987, section 8.See Bugzilla-

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