Data Sources classified by type of Service

Separate categorizations exist by subject and by organization .
World-Wide Web
List of W3 servers . See also: about theWWW initiative .
Find WAIS index servers using the directory of servers , or lists by name or domain .
Network News
Available directly in all www browsers.
Campus-wide information systems, etc. See list of sites , about Gopher .
Telnet access
See list by Scott Yanoff , Art St George's index (yet to be hyperized) etc.
Available using the help gateway to WWW.
Anonymous FTP
See the ARCHIE -- An index of almost everything available by anonymous FTP. For example of an FTP site, see the server.
A CWIS system from MIT. Very provisional access through a gateway may be turned off at any time. Gateway thanks to Linda Murphy/Upenn. See also more about techninfo .
Directory system originally for eletronic mail addresses. (Slightly uneven view though gateway).
Other protocols
Other forms of online data .
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