Data Sources not yet on-line

This is a list of information sources which we could put on line with WorldWideWeb . It's not supposed to be about protocols or formats , just data. Mail if you know of things not on the list. See also:

information already available by subject ,

information on the web by organisation ,

CERN information already available ,

WWW servers .

A program which polls all anonymous FTP sites and makes an index of what they hold. Very useful, ought to be on the web directly. NOW ACCESSIBLE via WWW-WAIS gateway. Telnet to and log in as "archie". See also: Internet archives . NOW ONLINE gatewayed as hypertext ...
Mailing lists
Why not archive a mailing list, index it, deduce the links between messages, and put it up using WWW? Many groups are coordinated using mailing lists, which lack an easy access to back-issues. Some mail servers archive the stuff anyway, and so would be the natural site for an archive server. An important aspect is the generation of links between related articles. See mailing list handlers MAILBASE and LISTSERV Italian LISTSERV , and the WWW mailing lists for example, and Ed V's index of public mailing lists .
Electronic journals are mostly distributed by mail or or using BITNET. (Because if they are on the Internet news schemes suffice?). VOICE is an exception, as well as some journals whose back-issues are available (often compressed) by anaonymous FTP (often from IBM machines).
Library systems.
See the hytelnet database of telnet sites etc. and other lists .
Technical Bibliography on X11-related subjects
Prospero is a virtual file system which allows more powerful linking than unix files, and so allows a web to be created across many machines. Requires the instalation of a special server.
Telnet sites
A list of data available by mail or telnet login. The line-mode browser can now follow links to telnet/rlogin sites, starting an interactive session.
This is a unix command giving network access to a various databases of people, host machines and organisations on the network. Thanks to Brian Carpenter for pointing this one out. Brian also points out the commercial product NETFIND
Some database of BITNET databases.
A network information service using OSI protocols but also to be available on the Internet probably. Remote login for searches, file transfer (FTAM/FTP) for retrieval. Specified by RARE WG3 Developed as COSINE project 2.2. See the help page , User Guide
Oracle databases
A generic SQL->HyperText report generator could be a simple project with very widespread use. A specific interface to the CERN NADIR database would be useful too.
Unix "man" pages
Make links out of the "see also" lines? Certainly ought to be serving them up...
NeXT Digital Librarian (TM)
This is a neat indexing tool. We really need a W3 server hook to it but we've not got around to it yet
Emacs TeXinfo
A possible source of data with some hypertext content. The normal format for GNU documentation. Under emacs, type Control/h Control/i, or see various news articles .

High Energy Physics specific

Durham data
Physics cross-section "Hepdata" data - see Rene Brun: A PAW program to visualise this data is planned (June 91). See HEPDATA information. Maintained by M.R.Whalley.
Aleph and Delphi experiments use this database of people, institutes, etc.
Lists of node names versus institute.
Divisional reports, HEP addresses (yellow book), Stores catalogue, Experiments at CERN (Grey book), Administrative information from FI, PE divisions. Alice library system.
Source code management
Hypertext browing of source code (eg Patchy, RSCS, etc) systems.
CERN's Software Technology Interest Group has lists of CASE products, glossaries of terms, lists of member's interests, etc. Not HEP specific but CERN based. NOW ONLINE
Tim BL