Status of OLD WWW Browser-Editor on the NeXT

This is a complete hypertext generation and browsing application, designed to test the concepts and design decisions of the WWW project.

Old version

The old version is at version 0.17. It is superceded by the new version.

This old version can edit local files, make links easily, format stuff, but has no HTML+ features or even nested lists. It is ONLY available for the M68k NeXT, and that is how it is. The documentation reflects this version.

Frozen. Beta-test version or prototype available. Work has restarted! wtach this space (Nov 93).
NeXTStep 3.0
Latest version
0.17 released 1993. . 2.0 pre-alpha contains images, etc. See change history .
Next target:
Update to HTML+, annotation and forms.
More information:
User Documentation , Change history , Prioritized list of things still to be done .