Features and Bug Fixes

The following are features added to the WWW app on the NeXT with time, in reverse chronological order. See also the outstanding bug list . Credits in brackets are to those who mailed me with the bug reports, to whom thanks.

2.0 - not released yet

Images -- inline tiff and postscript, giff and whatever if you have some image converter in your path.

Nested lists

Editing works again.

Uses libwww common code library

Cleaned up HTML output: this now stored HTML with reasonably useful line breaks so that code managers will be able to do change control on cvs.

1.0 - alpha release 1993


A few improvements, but still occasionally leaves off ro adds in extra SGML end tags when the last line of a file is not in Normal style.

not yet released: 0.14

A minor bug fix release, but an essentail upgrade because the html generated was bad.

1991: version 0.13

19 Aug 91 version 0.12

15 Mar 91 version 0.11

4 April 91 version 0.10

3 April 91 version 0.9

26 March 91 version 0.8

19 March 91 Version 0.7

1 Feb 91 Version 0.5

30 Jan 91 Version 0.4