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Another use-cases of SVGTL

This memo is related with [1].

Other than use-cases regarding maps([2][3]), there are another use-cases of SVGTL, there are kinds of documents arranged on one canvas which shows an "abstract" while displaying entirety, and shows "complete information" when expanding and displaying a part. And in cases where premised on the ability of it to cut down consumption of a network or a computer resource. In addition, such a function may be considered to be extended Responsive Images.

  • Leaflet
  • Journal
  • Newspaper
  • Handbill of advertisement and catalogue
  • Circuit diagram
  • Graph (chart)
  • 2D computer-aided design image
  • Program table of TV
  • Calendar
  • Ultra high-resolution image
    • Medical image
    • Panoramic scenery photograph
    • See Also:


It will be more meaningful if the following requirements are added.

  • The case which such large-scale image is made by collaborative work, and is provided by distributed environment
    • Star field photograph (plural astronomical observatories provide observational data independently)
  • In cases where annotation by vector data is filled on.
    • star chart on star field photo

Relationship to JPEG 2000

It seems that a capability will increase in the future if the integration to the scalability of JPEG2000 is aimed at.

  1. Rule for obtaining (distributed) JPEG2000 scalable data interactively by httpGet.