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Agenda for the 2007 TP

  • DOM3-Events - WebAPI WG
  • Using MouseWheelEvent from Web API instead of SVG's WheelEvent - WebAPI WG
  • getURL/postURL compatibility with XMLHttpRequest - WebAPI WG
  • Japanese taskforce and Japanese typography report
  • @role and ARIA in SVG - XHTML2 WG, HTML WG
  • Canvas (in SVG, and integration with Canvas) - HTML WG
  • Inline SVG in HTML - HTML WG, CDF WG
  • Document object implementing multiple *Document interfaces - CDF WG
  • CSS WG
  • SVG Print XSL WG
  • SMIL 3 DOM compatibility with SVG DOM SYMM WG
  • HTMLMediaElement and SVG/SMIL audio/video DOM and functionality - HTML WG