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Sydney SVG F2F Meeting, February 11-15 2008

The Sydney F2F meeting will take place at the Swiss Grand Hotel at Bondi Beach NSW. Wireless and wired network connectivity and video projectors will be made available. The Swiss Grand Hotel is located near the beach front of Bondi Bondi Beach which is located approx. 25-30 minutes from the city center and 15 minutes from Bondi Junction.


  • 1.1 and 1.2 testsuites
  • 1.2 Print (LC period soon over)
  • 1.2 Filters
  • 1.1 Errata and 1.1 Second Edition
  • Open issues and actions
  • Business-case for SVG


Please answer the Sydney 2008 F2F registration form.

Hotel information

Information hotels and tourism information on Bondi can be found at the Go Bondi Home Page.

There are a number of hotels, apartments and beach houses in the Bondi area.

Biltmore Private Hotel provides Backpacker accommodation. It is located 3 blocks over from the Swiss Grand Hotel and provides good shared accommodation for very little cost. Prices start from around $50/night

Sinclairs provides self contained accommodation starting at $30/night. The units are a 5 min bus ride from the Swiss Grand Hotel and 5 min bus ride to Bondi Junction.

Hotel Bonid provides some nice hotel rooms near the beach front. It is located 1 block from the Swiss Grand Hotel. Prices start from as little as $50/night.

Ravesi's provides 3 star accommodation featuring views of the beach. From what I've read they are a little on the expensive side with rooms starting at $240/night.

Swiss Grand Resort & Spa is a little on the expensive side, but looks great. Very close to the beach and the staff seem quite friendly. I believe it to be around the 4 star rating with rooms starting at $220/night for non-sea view or $250/night for a room with a sea view.

Getting around

Sydney has a reasonable public transport system. Petrol in Australia now costs an arm, a leg and a first born child. Additionally because we are descendants of convicts most people in Sydney tend to drive their car like they stole it. Hence, public transport is generally more efficient, cheaper and safer than renting a car. The Transport Info page has information on all the Sydney public transport.

A 7 day ticket (pass) is probably your best bet to get around. It includes

  • return transfers on Airport Link trains
  • unlimited rides on Sydney Explorer and Bondi Explorer

Note that this ticket only allows train rides in the RED Zone. This is fine for getting around the city CBD, Bondi and some of the surrounding suburbs. If you want to venture out of the RED Zone you’ll need to catch the train to the last destination in the RED Zone then purchase a separate ticket for that destination from where you are.


Australia has decided to be different to everyone else in the world and uses a Type I Socket. The socket output is 240V.


Currency is AUD. 1 AUD equals approx. 0.6 Euro and 0.88 USD. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


There will be one hosted dinner (Wednesday or Thursday) offered by Canon. I will propose a range of restaurants, incl. Indian and traditional Australian (i.e. Kangaroo and Emu on a Pizza). In addition arrival and afternoon tea and coffee are provided as well as lunches.