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Sophia-Antipolis SVG F2F Meeting, May 19-23 2008

The Sophia-Antipolis F2F meeting will take place at INRIA, right across the road from the ERCIM W3C office:

INRIA Sophia Antipolis 2004 route des Lucioles - BP 93 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex France

Lunch will be provided on-site in the cafeteria each day, also morning and afternoon refreshments.

Wireless and wired network connectivity and video projectors will be made available. The meeting rooms at INRIA are brand new, should be a nice place for a meeting.

Sophia-Antipolis is a science park. Although there are hotels there, you wouldn't want to stay in them. Sophia is deserted in the evening and there is nothing to do.

The two nearest towns are Antibes and Nice. I suggest staying in Nice. Lots of options to eat in the evening, convenient for the airport, and a direct express coach from Nice to Sophia that stops right outside where we will be meeting.


Meetings will start at 09:30 and go on to 18:00. Breaks are at 10:30 and 15:30, with lunch 12:30-13:30.

  • 1.2T testsuite review and publication
  • 1.2 modules
  • XMLHttpRequest review
  • SVG in HTML
  • SVG IG
  • Public group transition, cvs etc


Please answer the Sophia-Antipolis 2008 F2F registration form.

Hotel information

The good news is, there is lots to see at the weekends what with the Cannes Film festival and the Monaco Grand Prix both taking place. The bad news is, lots of hotels are already full for those dates.

There is availability at the IBIS Nice Gare

91 eur/night and it has wifi.

Getting around

Nearest airport is Nice Cote d'Azur (NCE), which is an international airport and the second largest in France. Depending on who you fly with, you may need to go to Paris first then take the shuttle flight (90 minutes) to Nice. (Google map of Nice airport and Nice)

From the airport to Nice, take the 99 express bus (4 euro, buy the ticket on the bus) timetable or take a taxi (about 30 euro). The bus goes to Nice railway station (gare SNCF), which is close to the IBIS hotel.

To get around Nice, the new tram system goes close by the gare SNCF and takes you down through the main shopping area (avenue Jean Medecin) to the place Masenna, the bus station, and the Old Town (and restaurants), then the port. Its 1 euro a trip and you buy tickets at any tram station from a machine, then stemp the ticket on the tram. You can also buty a ticket that does 10 journeys, but it is no cheaper, just saves you time. The trams run every 5 minutes.

From Nice to Sophia, get the tram to the bus station, then get the 230 Sophia Express (correct timetable) from Nice bus station. We will be getting the 08:15 bus in the mornings.

Or if you hired a car, its about half an hour on the A8 autoroute (driving directions although it takes longer at peak hours.)


220V AC. French three-prong socket. Two pin plugs can also be inserted in this socket.


Currency is Euros. 1 Euro equals approx. 1.74 AUD and 1.60 USD. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


There will be connectivity in the meeting room and at the suggested hotel. Elsewhere, list of Nice wifi hotspots


There will be a hosted dinner one night. Other nights we are on our own. I have a few restaurants in mind, we can make a booking depending on what we want to do. Some recommended choices: