Review comments on css-variables-1 2013-08-29

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1. The current plan for the SVG-in-OpenType proposal is to allow the font to define one or more palettes that can be selected from, or to have author defined colour values for palette entries. Within the SVG document that defines the glyphs, palette colours will be reflected by applying a user agent style sheet of the form:

 :root {
   var-color0: rgba(..., ..., ..., ...);
   var-color1: rgba(..., ..., ..., ...);

Do you feel this is an acceptable use of custom properties, or should there be a way to reference palette entries that does not use some of the space of the normally user defined custom properties?

2. We would like to have the ability to animate CSS Variable values, although this is not something we need to see in Level 1.

3. The SVG WG has no other issues with CSS Variables at this time.