Review comments on css-fonts-3 2013-07-11

From SVG

1. The SVG WG would like to have tests for the new features in css-fonts-3 (new font-variant values for example). Assuming they are currently using HTML, we would like to convert existing CSS tests to SVG. Could you provide us with a pointer to the CSS test files for these new features?

2. There have been a number of proposals for new OpenType tables to support colored and more graphically complex glyphs. Some of these proposals have a palette feature, where either (a) the document author can select from a number of pre-defined palettes in the font file, or (b) the document author can supply their own set of colors as a palette to use. Perhaps this does not need to be solved in css-fonts-3, but a later level, but please have this on your radar.

3. Overall, the SVG WG is pleased with the specification and have no other comments.