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Tagged images

Put color managed images first in the spec and in the list of scope in the intro DONE

Can images reference a profile but don't embed it? (assumed to be on system. if not found, same as 'unavailable')

value of overriding embedded profile has been questioned. Probably drop this, focus on respecting the profile in the image.

example, use of switch or sRGB fallback images (needs a testable attr)

Defining colours


"The name "sRGB" is predefined; any color profile descriptions with <name> set to "sRGB" MUST be ignored." is that useful? What abut icc v.4 sRGB profiles?

Specify transfer curve for sRGB colours outside the sRGB gamut.

need for a linear (sxRGB) space as well?

HSL,HSLA, RGBA (from CSS3 Color)

add hsl colors, reference CS3 Color

mention separate processing of colour and alpha for rgba and hsla syntaxes.

Lab modes

add D50 whitepoint for Lab, allow other wp to be specified DONE

Rendering intent

relation between rendering colorspace and PCS describe how rendering intent affects conversion to RCS describe how rendering intent of ouput profile affects rendered results fallback when desired rendering intent is not available in profile

Black point compensation

need to discuss black point compensation. ICC v.4 sRGB has two profiles, one with and one without BPC.

Preserve black

need to discuss preserve-black. If CMYK(0,0,0,1) is specified, then gets converted to rendering colour space, parts of it overlaid ... the bits that end up still as black, need to come out as CMYK (0,0,0,1) not CMYK(0,0,0,0.95). gis is mainly for printing and mainly for black text. So there is a need to be able to specify it on some elements and not others.


Link to SVG1.1 color profile element.

update references, review normative and informative

move notes to 'compatibility notes', extend to css3 color.

fully mark up all conformance criteria, for testing (class and id)

define when a colour is 'used' (which of a color list is actually used).

link 'available' and 'permitted fallback situation' to a definition.

split "If ICC-based colors are provided, a" into two and put the "permitted fallback" definition first.

check other definitions are used and referenced.

Find rendering intent diagrams from anthonys paper and add them to primer. review paper for material or primer.

Update 'number' link to SVG 1.1SE not SVGT1.2

check syntax used in svg1.1se or paint deinition, use the same here.

conformance of solidColor. If solidcolor element is supported, cmua must support this enhanced definition.

conformance of viewportFill. If viewportFill element is supported, cmua must support this enhanced definition.

Is the ednote on cmyk in gradients still needed? Convert to interpolation colorspace, pass through alpha.

color-interpolation auto - is of no use. check svg1.1, remove unless its is already there in which case compat only and warn against use.