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Turtle Graphics

Catmull-Rom Curves

A cubic Hermite spline is a third-degree spline made from two control points and two control tangents.

A Cardinal curve has multiple segments, each one a cubic Hermite spline, whose tangents are constrained to be continuous over each adjoining pair of segments and whose smoothness is controlled by a tension parameter.

A Catmull-Rom curve is a Cardinal curve where the tension is zero.

This family of curves produce a smooth curve that passes through each control point. (This is an advantage over most 'smoothing curves' which pass near, but not through, the points).



Resolved 27-Jul-2011 at Seattle f2f we will add a Catmull Rom syntax to the path syntax with a tension parameter to control the whole curve (not per-point control). um so, actually Cardinal curves, then?

Related ACTION-3085: Make a Catmull Rom editor that takes variable tension parameters on Doug.