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The table below lists issues from the old, member-only tracker instance that were not marked as closed at the time we migrated to the new, public tracker. The first three columns list the details of the old issue, and the last two columns give the related issue (or issues) in the public tracker and its status.

  • Pink in the first column indicates that the old issue has not been looked at to determine if the issue should be re-raised in the new tracker.
  • Pink in the final column indicates that the new issue is not yet closed.
  • Rows that have no pink are done.

Issue ID Title Product New Issue ID New Issue State
ISSUE-1 features string discrepency mobile vs 1.1 SVG Mobile 1.1 ISSUE-2030 CLOSED
ISSUE-2 proposed errata for SVGLocatable in SVG 1.0 SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-8 spec error repeatEvent vs repeat SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-12 liveness of SVGTransform.Matrix SVG Full 1.1 ISSUE-2210 CLOSED
ISSUE-13 marker clarifications SVG Full 1.2 ISSUE-2211 CLOSED
ISSUE-15 SVG Mobile errata 1.1 SVG Mobile 1.1
ISSUE-16 SVG 1.1 Spec ISO8601 reference links to ICC spec SVG Full 1.2 ISSUE-2212 CLOSED
ISSUE-18 Some issues in the definition of suspendRedraw/unsuspendRedraw/forceRedraw SVG Full 1.1 ISSUE-2213 RAISED
ISSUE-19 [FULL]: Do we need to fully specify text-in-a-shape geometry rules? SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-21 [FULL] shorthand presentation attributes SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-51 suggested erratum on SVG 1.1 - Conforming SVG Document Fragments SVG Full 1.1 ISSUE-2214 CLOSED
ISSUE-52 suggested erratum - extensibility SVG Full 1.1 ISSUE-2215 CLOSED
ISSUE-54 Conforming SVG Document Fragments SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-58 Maturity levels on SVG 1.1 test suite Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.1
ISSUE-67 dx','dy', 'rotate' and ligatures SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-80 Can image point to an SVG file in SVG 1.2 Full? SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-83 comments that were pruned from the DoC because they are Full comments SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-94 Datatype for feTurbulance 'seed' attribute SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-97 SVG 1.1 test suite uses 1.0 feature strings SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-101 single document HTML or PDF SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-106 NS-aware versions of float traits SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-109 Event Handling with nested SVG elements and viewBox SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-112 Full 1.2 textArea - reusing experience from flowText SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-122 Confusing words in 7.11 about "px" units in Full 1.1 spec SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-132 Open Test Suite Submissions Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-139 altGlyphItem untested Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-159 CSS 2.1 makes images be 300x150 px None
ISSUE-168 catching pointer events on a whole text string SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-171 Features for XML Events next version None
ISSUE-174 CSS 2.1 Last Call comments None
ISSUE-176 centering text in arbitrary shapes SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-177 Get XMLEvents 2 to add a handler element All
ISSUE-178 Gradient on line element SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-180 Add one or more types of boundingboxes for 1.2 Full SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-181 Animating context-dependent attributes in elements that can be applied to multiple other elements (filters, gradients) SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-182 Overlow Access for textArea SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-183 stroke-dashoffset for path segments SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-184 Introduction of dash-caps SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-185 Rendering of stroke-linejoin if path segment is exactly the same length than dash length SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-186 Decorated / Pixel BBox SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-194 elliptical arc equations might be wrong SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-195 allow .forceRedraw() when renderer is in suspendRedraw state SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-196 Additiveness of <coordinate>+ SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-198 add parseXMLNS() SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-199 Clarify Animation With Regards to Interpolation and additive="sum" SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-200 Expand API for textArea SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-201 Investigate Expansion to Editable SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-202 provide 2 alternative bounding box access methods for text SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-203 Consider Adding Bounding Box for Glyphs SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-204 Investigate Adding Method getElementsAtPoint(x,y) SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-205 Investigate Fixing and Extending Intersection/Enclosure Methods SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-206 Investigate Enhancements to Markers SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-207 Clarify Behavior for out of range values in .getPointAtLength() SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-223 Add a resized or "ResizeEnd" event SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-224 define if clipping also disables event sensitivity outside the clipping area SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-225 Define what happens with event sensitivity in case of filters, patterns, masking, etc. SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-226 Mixed conformance SVG Print
ISSUE-228 add a isCharacterRendered method SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-229 Add wording and a test that shapes with fill-opacity or opacity 0 still react on events SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-230 animateMotion, distance along a path, and zero length segments All
ISSUE-232 CSS vs XML attributes - scientific notation, units SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-236 Device color does not integrate SVG Print
ISSUE-237 Print content conformance checker SVG Print
ISSUE-238 Job Control vs 'mechanism for accepting details' SVG Print
ISSUE-239 Specifying the handling of malformed ICC and named color specifications SVG Print
ISSUE-242 Update "URI" References SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-243 SVG Tiny 1.2.1 Other
ISSUE-244 several problems in animate-elem* files in SVGT 1.2 testsuite (applicable in many cases for SVG 1.1 too) Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-246 Several suggestions to improve SVGT 1.2 tests, files coords-* Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-250 Some more suggestions for SVGT 1.2 tests (files paint* and pservers*) Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-251 Some more suggestions for SVGT 1.2 tests (files paths*, render*, shapes*, struct*, styling*) Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-254 stroking of subpaths of length zero SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-255 Some more suggestions for SVGT 1.2 tests (files text*, font*, masking*) Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-256 Investigate @text-decoration With Respect to CSS2.1 SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-257 ligature matching order Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-258 Focus change event when elements are removed from the rendering tree SVG Mobile 1.2 ISSUE-2031 RAISED
ISSUE-259 text-anchor in tspan only relevant in combination with positioning SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-261 Duplicate xml:space declaration in flattened SVG 1.1 DTD SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-262 Overflow on <animation> SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-265 Occurrences of definitions in spec link back to definitions page SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-267 Specification is unclear about whether animation of CSS properties and presentation attributes can be done separately All
ISSUE-268 SVGT 1.2; 16.2.6 Paced animation and complex types SVG Mobile 1.2 ISSUE-2032 CLOSED
ISSUE-269 Undefined behaviour when filter property references non-existent filter SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-270 Problem with fonts-glyph-03-t.svg? Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2
ISSUE-273 300x150 px defaults too agressive Other
ISSUE-274 Does additive also mean interpolable for animations? SVG Mobile 1.2 ISSUE-2028 OPEN
ISSUE-275 Clamping of premultiplied values in filters SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-289 SVG in <html:img> and <svg:image> elements SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-291 Changing the BNF syntax for Clock-value to make it more intuitive All
ISSUE-294 Proposed Feature: 'star' Element SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-295 Proposed feature: multi-element text-selections SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-296 Deprecate or change liveness of getIntersectionList, getEnclosureList SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-300 Remove exception on unsuspendRedraw SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-301 Description of path normalisation too restrictive SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-307 Add reference to the Window object spec SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-310 Coordinate with WebAPI to make sure contentDocument works on embedding elements in SVG SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-311 Cross-domain scripting issues in SVG 1.1 SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-314 Discuss adding an anchor-point property to the text-area SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-316 Default value for 'type' on 'style' elements in SVG SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-317 Switch on rendering size (level-of-detail) SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-318 No way to specify an LAB color directly SVG Print
ISSUE-319 Clipping applies to SVG image element even with rasters? SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-325 Add a way to automatically generate a viewBox in referenced content SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-326 Should 'transform' be allowed on <mask>? SVG Full 1.2
ISSUE-332 CSS Object Model untested in 1.1 test suite, impact of changes unknown SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-333 stroke-dasharray' should allow space separation? SVG Mobile 1.2 ISSUE-2029 CLOSED
ISSUE-335 SVGTextContentElement.getSubStringLength definition SVG Full 1.1
ISSUE-337 animate-elem-53-t assumes point lists can be paced Test Suite - SVG Mobile 1.2