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Configuring Mercurial

Before you even install Mercurial, create your configuration file. Mercurial looks for per-user configuration in the file $HOME/.hgrc (Mac/Linux) or %USERPROFILE%\.hgrc (Windows). (A file called Mercurial.ini can also be used instead .hgrc on all platforms.)

Your configuration file should contain AT LEAST:


# ---- !!!! ---- CHANGE THE NEXT LINE ---- !!!! ----
username = name <email>
merge = internal:merge

# Configuring and turning on the eol extension is vital for SVG WG repositories

only-consistent = False


hgext.eol =
children =
fetch =
rebase = =
hgext.graphlog =
hgext.rebase =
hgext.extdiff =


git = True
showfunc = True
unified = 8


diff = -p -U 8
qnew = -U
qdiff = -p -U 8

The parts marked in red are absolutely essential, or you're going to get bitten. The eol parts are to enable the eol extension and make it do the right thing.

Mercurial documentation

See the Mercurial Guide, Mercurial wiki or the Mercurial man page for general documentation.