Group Workflow

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Processing Feature Proposals

  1. Request and develop use cases and requirements document
  2. Research existing documentation (academic papers, existing implementations)
  3. Prototype and test
    • performance
    • ease of implementation
    • satisfaction of use cases
  4. Research IP impact
  5. Design syntax

Editing Specifications

We use a Commit-then-Review process for editing the spec

  1. Decide who has the action to edit the specific section of the specification
  2. Create the proposed wording
    1. Mark up the status of the text as "proposed"
    2. Break out the testable assertions (special markup?)
    3. Commit the proposed wording
  3. Discuss and review
    1. Decide whether the text is suitable
    2. Decide who will write the tests
    3. Submit the tests
  4. Iterate until wording and tests are complete
    1. Mark up as "approved"