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The SVG working group is coming to Sydney. There will be a developer meet on Thursday 4th February from about 5:30PM.

This will be an opportunity for Sydney developers to learn about the future of SVG, the W3C processes, and to share their viewpoint with the SVG working group.

The event is being organised by Mark Turner on Meetup, RSVP on meetup.


NSW Trade and Investment Centre. Level 47, MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney. Google Maps


The agenda is still being developed, here is what we have so far.

Opening Talk (35 minutes) - Alex Danilo, Developer Advocate @ Google

Lighting Talks:
SVG Accessibility - Doug Schepers, W3C
Diffusion Curves for SVG - Nikos Andronikos, CiSRA
What’s coming in SVG 2 - Tavmjong Bah, InkScape

Panel Discussion:
A panel of SVG standards editors and implementors will take questions from the audience, and pose some of their own.
Questions such as:

  • Why is X taking so long?
  • When will you support my favourite feature?
  • Why did browser Y do that?
  • I really want to be able to do this, how can I achieve it?
  • I have an idea for a feature, it's ....

And anything else you want to ask