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 ISSUE 15: bounding box of text with width/height attributes
 ISSUE 17: bounding box of iframe etc., should fill:false affect this?
 ISSUE 21: remove svg:transform section?


 ISSUE 6: catmull-rom tension?
 ISSUE 7: allow fewer than three coord pairs?
 ISSUE 8: is implicit move a problem?
 ISSUE 10: consecutive R commands


 ISSUE 2: Are dx/dy/rotated ignored for auto wrapped text?
 ISSUE 4: should x/y specify anchor point of auto wrapped text or the corner of the box?
 ISSUE 9: what should outside-shape and auto values for shape-inside do?
 ISSUE 12: using inset() values on shape-inside
 ISSUE 13: supporting shape-inside <uri> values
 ISSUE 35: how does shape-padding affect text when the content area is defined by length or width?
 ISSUE 36: should we require text-indent?
 ISSUE 37: should we require hanging-punctuation, which is marked in the CSS spec as at risk?
 ISSUE 38: text-overflow:clip on text?


 ISSUE 4: better name for 'arcs'
 ISSUE 5: how does miter-limit apply to arcs line join?
 ISSUE 7: stroke-dashcorner doesn't work well for rounded rects
 ISSUE 8: handling corner dashes at the start/end of an open path
 ISSUE 9: should we allow user controlled padding between corner dashes and dash patterns?
 ISSUE 10: need to define what happens when corner dashes would overlap
 ISSUE 11: do we really need stretch and compress values of stroke-dashadjust?
 ISSUE 12: should we add stroke-dashadjust:auto which means round to whole number of repetitions?
 ISSUE 14: author control for ending with a dash or gap?
 ISSUE 17: should we keep dashing of text?
 ISSUE 18: name these vertex or segment markers?
 ISSUE 23: what to do with marker knockouts
 ISSUE 30: should paint-order be able to select the different types of markers?
 ISSUE 32: should SVGMarkerInstance objects be live?  (or should we remove those interfaces?)


 ISSUE 1: define processing for untagged greyscale and CMYK images
 ISSUE 6: define fallback behaviour when rendering-intent cannot be followed


 ISSUE 3: linearGradient y2 lacuna value


 ISSUE 2: define how overflow-x,y work
 ISSUE 3: should overflow:auto really be equivalent to visible?


 ISSUE 1: should we remove duplicate events like SVGLoad?


 ISSUE 2: attributeType="auto" and presentation attribute interaction


 ISSUE 5: error processing