F2F/Sydney 2013/Agenda proposals

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  • Native <iframe> element
  • Stroke effects (aka fancy lines)
  • Relation between 'enable-background' and 'isolation' property^
  • Presenting changes to Filter Effects and Custom Filters
  • Talk about changes in blending and compositing^
  • discuss border brushes
  • discuss variable-width strokes
  • Go over canvas path proposal and see how it can interface with SVG
  • context-fill, context-stroke, context-value
  • Use of HTML 5 Video element in SVG
  • Updates on Streaming and SVG
  • SVG in OpenType spec proposals^
  • Marker knockouts using CSS Masking or Compositing features^
  • Performances to transition in zooming and panning
  • Non scaling objects
  • Glyph selection and positioning; associating text with graphics

^ Please don't schedule for Thursday or Friday if possible (nikos)