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The SVG WG has gone back and forth on it, trying to decide if we want to make a general solution that could be used in CSS as well, but we recently resolved that, since there are probably many disparate use cases for things like params, and different solutions (like CSS Variables and other proposals), we will confine ourselves to solving the case specifically for SVG (and simply keep the CSS WG in the loop).

We will be working with the CSS WG to make sure that params and variables work well together.

I'd appreciate comments on the latest version of the SVG Params spec and primer.

Robert O'Callahan of Mozilla did give some useful feedback recently.

URI Scheme

  • example.org/myimage.svg?foo=bar&blah=hello
  • example.org/myimage.svg#foo=bar&blah=hello
  • example.org/myimage.svg#param(foo=bar,blah=hello)

File Syntax

  • x="param(coordx)" or fill="param(color) blue"
  • x="calc(param(coordx)+10%)"